The struggle for human rights has reached its decisive stage.

The demented rush of the European Comission to fight terrorism by limiting low-abiding Europeans their abilities to defend themselves has its positive aspect. I can see it, although I’m far from ascribing it to the EC. It’s rather an outcome of their doings.

Shooting associations in Poland and in Europe are taking actions and uniting in its common aim to stop the irrational ideas that are coming from Brussels. Not so long ago, thanks to Polish firearms enthusiasts, the Firearms United movement came into being. Now, as this very movement is taking the burden of opposing the bureaucratic terror, we can clearly see how much we need an all-European social movement. Also, there appear people of good will, ready to sacrifice their time and money.

I’d like to thank everybody for their commitment. The struggle for human rights has reached its decisive stage. The European Commission has undrmined the very basis of what constitutes citizenship. I wrote some time ago that access to firearms is the basis of what constitutes Polish citizenship. However, this is a universal principle for Poles, Germans, Italians, Swedes, Czechs and all other European nations as well. Time will show whether we pass our citizenship test.

For those who remain neutral I have a few words to say. Let nobody think that the issue is relevant to gun owners only. Gun ownership is a particular social phenomena. Firearms, or should I say access to them is what best reveals the attitude of a government towards citizens of a country. Nothing’s better when it comes to show real intentions of a government. A government that doesn’t treat citizens in a serious manner will restrict the access to firearms and so will a government that sees citizens as a potential threat to itself, or to each other.

I call all Poles to invest their efforts and means in the fight against the ominous system of Brussels. Losing the battle for the access to firearms for law-abiding citizens will mark a definitive defeat of the European civilization. With a surface safety we’ll be put in fetters that we’ll never get rid of.